Vote Forward


For the first time ever, leading artists from the Air Max community recently joined forces with Nike designers to create their visions for the future of air. We're proud to introduce Team FP member Alexandra Hackett aka @miniswoosh. Holding down the UK's entry to the global Vote Forward competition, get behind London in our quest for Air Max immortality and vote for Alex to win using one of the buttons below! Remember, #VoteMiniSwoosh

Alexandra Hackett

Alexandra Hackett is a menswear designer and creative practitioner, born and raised in Australia, but currently based in London. Known for her innovative use of unconventional materials and unique design code, Alexandra's practice focuses on exploring the notion of the body as a product, and clothing as a form of product packaging.

A true amalgamation of all the most iconic Air Max designs, her shoe, the Air Mini Swoosh, combines the best elements from the Air Max 1, 90, 180, 93, 95, 97, Plus, 360 and 2015, turning them into one timeliness design. This shoe, which borrows from old and new, is a true representation of Alexandra’s clear vision on design.