Footpatrol for retaW NIMBUS* | Now Available

Footpatrol for retaW NIMBUS* | Now Available

For Summer ’17 Footpatrol tap into the home & lifestyle division, partnering up with Tokyo based fragrance label retaW with a collection curated for sneaker-heads alike.

Footpatrol is London’s best-known destination sneaker store, with a history in supplying the most exclusive footwear. Footpatrol has been at the heart of supplying the sneaker fraternity with the most desirable footwear, apparel and accessories. Founded in 2009 by the godfather of Japanese cool Hiroshi Fujiwara, retaW is dedicated in creating unique fragrance blends that embody a lifestyle wrapped into a scent.

The collaboration title was taken from the infamous rain cloud that looms over London throughout the year. Beyond its gloomy exterior is a break of light - a juxtaposition of atmospheres.

Comprised of three items - fragrance tag, sneaker liquid and a fragrance candle. Versatility was key during the design process for the fragrance tag. The tag can be hung anywhere - bedroom/vehicle/wardrobe etc. Staying true to their roots, Footpatrol have also added sneaker liquid to the collection which will aid eliminating odours from your footwear. The final piece in the collection, the candle is carefully crafted from a blend of fragrance oils designed to infuse your surroundings with the most captivating scents. The Footpatrol for retaW NIMBUS* collection was designed for sneaker-heads looking for lifestyle products that steer away from the norm.

The collection title NIMBUS* doesn’t reflect its scent, which on the contrary combines notes of citrus with a mint infusion.

The Footpatrol for retaW NIMBUS* collection is now available in-store and online.

Fragrance Room Tag priced at £12
Fragrance Sneaker Liquid priced at £16
Fragrance Candle priced at £60

For more information on in-store stock availability please call the store on 020 7287 8094.

Download press imagery here.