When Footpatrol Met Kwills...

When Footpatrol Met Kwills...

Kicking off our ongoing feature series 'When Footpatrol Meets' is illustrator and friend Quincy a.k.a Kwills.

Hailing from the Netherlands and founded in 2011, Kwills over the years has made his name and climbed up the ladder throughout the art and sneaker industry. Kwills took both his interest in sneakers and art, combined them together and creating unique Kwills artwork, which is raw and full of character. Kwills has worked on many different projects with brands and stores around the world, including Asics, Puma, Overkill Shop, Sneaker Freaker and a lot more. Seeing as he is a good friend of ours we approached Kwills and asked him to create something special for us.

When Kwills visited London to hand deliver the piece he did for us (as seen on the Footpatrol website), we caught up with him at a local coffee shop talking about sneakers, films, politics and a whole lot more.

Kwills started off by showing us some of the art he's brought along with him going through some of the pieces he's done and what inspired him to do it. While going through his art that he had brought along with him, the conversation swayed to what inspires his artwork, which he expressed ‘’Sometimes, it feels like I’m almost waiting for something to happen but that’s when I go online and check Facebook or surf a little bit more and check different websites… any little thing would spark an idea. From that idea on, I just can go to any direction from there’’.

We spoke about what the scene was back then and how it’s changed now. Kwills explained that back in the day he would skate and destroy his shoes and needed a new pair every few months, ‘’I never had the funds then and mom said they were too expensive so you’re not having them’’. To the Internet generation now on social networking sites trading or selling sneakers and clothes online. Kwills explained that social networking sites, celebrity endorsements and stores pushing products out to masses are helping the scene grow bigger.

Special thanks goes out to Soho Bikes and of course to Kwills for the illustration and also for sitting down with us to have a chat!

Check out more of Kwills work here!